How we can say XML is differ from HTML?

How we can say XML is differ from HTML?

Both XML(eXtensible Markup Language) and HTML(Hyper Text Markup Language)are markup languages.But they are different.I have given you some main difference b/w XML and HTML given below.

1.The key difference is that XML is used for to store data and made communication b/w them.Where HTML is used to present the data in attractive way.

2.In XML we emphasize on \'what data is\'. Where as in HTML we emphasize on \'What data looks like\'.

3.In HTML tag semantic and tag set are fixed means that in HTML their is no made our own tags.where as in XML these are not fixed so, can we made our own tags as per requirement.

4.XML is dynamic where as HTML is static.

5.HTML is case sensitive language where as XML is non-case sensitive language.

6.In XML it is mandatory to close all open tags where as in HTML their is not mandatory to close all open tags.


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