What is the JavaScript?

What is the JavaScript?

 JavaScript is an scripting language for the client side web development means web pages. It is designed by Brenden Eich comes in 1995.

Developer of JavaScripts are Netscape Communications Corporation, Mozilla Foundation. As name indicate you think it is essential related to Java. Its wrong its syntax matched with C Syntax,it use some java name and their convension. It is influenced by Seff,C,Scheme,Perl,Python,Java. Using this we can do many thimgs like: to improve Design,validate forms,detect browsers etc. JavaScript can be use by new programmer easily. I have given you some most important point related to JavaScript. 

  1. JavaScript is a trademark of Sun Microsystem. 
  2. It is dynamic,Weak and prototype language. 
  3. Using JavaScript we can make our HTML pages interactive. 
  4. JavaScript is a scripting language.
  5. We can embedded JavaScript directly into HTML pages.
  6. It is an interpreted language means for execution their is no need to pre-compilation of JavaScript. Latest version of JavaScript is 1.8/ 2008

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