What is ProxyFactoryBean? Describe its properties?

What is ProxyFactoryBean? Describe its properties?

ProxyFactoryBean creates proxied objects. Like other JavaBeans, it has properties that control its behaviour. ProxyFactoryBean properties are:
  * target : The target bean of the proxy.
  * proxyInterface : A list of interfaces that should be implemented by the proxy.
  * interceptorNames : The bean names of the advice to be applied to the target.
  * singleton : Whether the factory should return the same instance of the proxy for each getBean invocation.
  * aopProxyFactory : The implemetation of the ProxyFactoryBean interface to be used.
  * exposeProxy : Whether the target class should have access to the current proxy. This is done by calling AopContext.getCurrentProxy.
  * frozen : Whether changes can be made to the proxy's advice once the factory is created.
  * optimize : Whether to aggressively optimize generated proxies.
  * proxyTargetClass : Whether to proxy the target class, rather than implementing an interface.

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