Wat's Property?

Wat's Property?

PROPERTY:-Properties provide the opportunity to protect a field in a class by reading and writing to it through the property
it is a special method that can return a current object?s state or set it. Simple syntax of properties can see in the following example:

public int Old 
   get {return m_old;}
   set {m_old = value;}
public string Name 
   get {return m_name;} 


       public class prop
private int age; 
public int humanAge
get //get accessor method
return age;
set //set accessor method
age = value;

So when in main program(C#) user wants to use these set and get method to set and get person age. They will use it as

Perop boyAge = new Perop();  //create instance of object 
boyAge. humanAge = 10;  // set the age of boy by using setter method of object
int bAge = boyAge. humanAge;// get the age of boy by 
// using getter method of object 
Console.WriteLine(" Boy age is {0}"+ bAge ); 

Class Perop is property holder class. In which humanAge is property implementation.

value : In set method value variable is internal c# variable. User no needs to define it explicitly. 

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