OCJP(Oracle Certified Java Program)

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SCJP1.5 Interview Questions And Answers

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Visibility is basically a method which is use for the accessibility ,and Its instance variables to other classes and packages. 

When we are using or implementing a class, We determine our methods and instance variables, Its basically a visibility keywords as :

  1. public
  2. protected
  3. package
  4. default

Variable access is basically a describe to the ability of one class to read or alter if it is not final, a variable in another class.

The transient keyword is basically use for the indicating the object stream data , Its a type of variable,there is not be required to know anything about transient for the exam, other than that it is a keyword that can be applied only to variables.

time slicing is basically a technique ,Its use for the thread execution, I this scheme for scheduling thread execution.

Thread is basically defined as : 

  1. Its an independent line of execution.
  2. Its a type of mini program .
  3. Multiple line of execution method is also used in multiple threads.
  4. Its executes instructions, any variables that are declares within the method, Its also called automatic variables.
  5. Its stored in a private area of memory, which area is protected area and other threads cannot access. This allows any other thread to execute the same method on the same object at the same time without having its automatic variables unexpectedly modified.

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