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CSS Interview Questions And Answers

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CSS is not case-sensitive.But it may be different for specific browsers.But font,Url etc are case-sensitive.


div.myclass { ...}

div.myClass { ... }

 The main advantage of CSS are given below:

1.Using them we can increase the downloading speed of web page.

2.Using CSS we can represent the content different from styles. 

 CSS rule are of three types.These are,

HTML Selector

 We use at-rule in CSS by using '@' character.I have given below some at-rules of CSS are,

 We use first line pseudo element display the first line of a text in selector with some special style.


selector:pseudo-element {property: value}

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CSS Objective Questions And Answers

CSS Objective Questions And Answers

CSS Interview Questions And Answers

CSS Subjective Questions And Answers

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