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E4X Interview Questions And Answers

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 E4X stands for ECMAScript(European Computer Manufactures Association) for XML(Extensible Markup Language). We can called as E4X is an programing language extension used to adds the ECMAScript(like: ActionScript,DMDScript,E4X, JavaScript,JScript) to XML.

1. Real life meaning of E4X is "JavaScript for XML".
2. E4X is an official JavaScript standard used to add direct support for XML.
3. Using E4X we can easily make scripting for XML with JavaScript.
4. Using E4X we can declare an XML object variable as same as declare Date and Array variable.

var p = new XML()
var q = new Date()
var r = new Array()

Because of some reasons we can say that JavaScript is same as ECMAScript.
1.ECMAScript is called as an official name for JavaScript.
2.ECMAScript is exactly same as JavaScript.
3.JavaScript is standardize by ECMA (The European Computer Manufacturers Association) organization.

ECMA(The European Computer Manufacturers Association)international was founded in 1961.
ECMA is an organization made to standardization of information and Communication Technology(ICT) and Consumer Electronics(CE).
 We use ECMA standard with

2.C# Language
3.International Character Sets
4.Optical Disks
5.Magnetic Tapes
6.Data Compression
7.Data Communication etc.
8.ECMA-262(JavaScript1.3)was standardize in Dec1999.
9.ECMA-357 (E4X) was standardized in June2004.
We use E4X to make JavaScript supported with XML.

 I have given you example to show XML document as JavaScript object.Example:I have you simple XML document.

<heading>Don\'t forget</heading>
Happy Birthday!</message>

We can store this XML document in a string calles as message into an XML object variable vusing JavaScript.var v = new XML(message) or Assign the XML text to the XML object variable directly.var v = new XML()v=
<heading>Don\'t forget</heading>
Happy Birthday!</message>

We can use JavaScript like that,document.write(v.from)


 E4X makes easier to use JavaScript to parse and manipulate XML.This is also use to enable XML library or component to act with XML.On different browsers libraries and components perform with different syntax and work differently. I have given you example where I show how to load an existance XML document("message.xml")into XML parser and to show note from message.
Example: Without use of E4X.
var xmlDoc//This code is made only for Internet Explorer.
if (window.ActiveXObject)
xmlDoc = new ActiveXObject("Microsoft.XMLDOM");
}// This code is made for Mozilla, Firefox etc.else (document.implementation

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E4X Objective Questions And Answers

E4X Interview Questions And Answers

E4X Interview Questions And Answers

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