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Introduction of POI APIs
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It is provide Jakarta POI Application programming interface, which is used to manipulate the various file formats using pure Java. In shortly, we can used this API for write and read MS Excel files using Java.

Currently we are using this API for read and write word, excel and PowerPoint files or Document. However, Jakarta POI API have a complete API for porting other OLE 2 Compound Document formats.

Why used POI API

If we had a document which is written in OLE 2 Compound Document Format then for reading and writing We can use POI ,probably written using MFC, that we needed to read in Java. We can use HSSF if you needed to read or write an Excel file using Java (XLS).

We can use HWPF for Word Documents , HSLF for PowerPoint Documents and HPSF for Document Properties. You can also read and modify spreadsheets using POI API, although right now writing is more mature.

Overview of POI

The following are components of the entire POI project and a brief introduction of their purpose.


It is used for support the OLE 2 Documents . POIFS is the oldest stable part of the project. it is OLE part Compound Document Format to pure Java. It is also support read and write functionality both.


The HSSF is used for support to the MS Excel Documents. It is used because it support to read and write both capability.


The HWPF is used for MS Word Documents. It supports read, and limited write capabilities.


The HSLF support to the MS PowerPoint Documents. it is the port of the Microsoft PowerPoint 97 to 2003 file format to pure Java.


The HPSF is used for Document Properties. It is the OLE 2 property port used to set format to pure Java. the Property which is sets used to store a document properties these are title, author and date of last modification etc. but it is used for application-specific purposes also.

HPSF is used for support reading and writing of properties. However, the current POI release only provides reading feature. In order to write properties , we will have to fetch the latest POI version.

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