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Version 3.0

The version 3.0 is the final version of the POI API which was released at 18 May 2007. This version has one PATCH fixed by Jakarta Apache which name is POM, and one new PATCH features added for creating picture to HSSFShapeGroup,

It is also added new feature to detect Office 2007 XML documents and it is throw a meaningful exception, added additional feature HSLF support for PowerPoint and add HWPF for extract the image.

Version 3.0-alpha3

This version has a new feature HSLF to support for PowerPoint. The Version 3.0-alpha3 released at 12 Dec 2006.

Version 3.0-alpha2

This version has the extra features like formula support, PowerPoint support and support to the extended ASCII. This version released at 16 June 2006.

Version 3.0-alpha1

This version released at 04 June 2005. This version added a patch for HSSFhyperlink formula size problem, add image and initial PowerPoint Support. That includes the support for text extraction across from file, getting individual slides, and their notes, and extracting text from those; initial support for changing text.

Version 2.5.1-FINAL

This version released at 29 February 2004.This version has added outlining support andHSSFDateUtil.getExcelDate().and many other version is listed their.

Version 2.5-FINAL (2004-02-29)

Version 2.0-FINAL (2004-01-26)

Version 2.0-RC2 (2004-01-11)

Version (2003-11-02)

Version 2.0-pre3 (2003-07-29)

Version 2.0-pre2 (2003-07-06)

Version 2.0-pre1 (2003-05-17)

Version 1.10-dev (2003-02-19)

Version 1.8-dev (2002-09-20)

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