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What is JNDI
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The JNDI stands for Java Naming Directory Interface. Directory Server is a utility software that is used to register and lookup resources such that as user or devices on a network files in a file system.

Objects of an application etc, by logical names.So that they can be returned in a location and implementation transparent manner. Different venders provide implementation of directory Server.

Each vender provide two types of interfaces.

  1. For Human user.
  2. For Application user.

Note: Directory Server is an extension of RMI registry.

Using Native API of Directive Server:

It's using an application creates maintenance problem .it means the application need to be modified each time directory server is change. To facilitate interaction directory server in standard manner JNDI was provided by Sun Microsoft System. JNDI is set of interfaces and utility classes which provided method to interact which directory Server.

Javax.naming package contain classes and interface of JNDI APIs. At the core JNDI API's is an interface name context this interface provide methods for registering and looking up resources.

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