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JSF Examples


The Most Important Services Are
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  1. Data Conversion: JSF support conversion tag ( <f:converter> ), mean user insert data in string form business objects want data as Integer or short.
  2. Validation: JSF support validation tag ( <f:converter> ) and custom validation ( by implement validator interface ) in web application.
  3. Error Handling: JSF able to attach error rule for field like " field must be a number" or "invalid data format in field", this error message is call whenever user insert invalid data, you need to display appropriate error messages.
  4. Model-View-Controller Architecture: The basic idea behind MCV model is to separate the application data and business logic, the presentation of the data, and the interaction with the data into distinct entities labeled the Model, the View, and the Controller, respectively.
  5. Custom Components: JSF support custom component for develop sophisticated components i.e., a page designers simply drag & drop into their pages.
  6. Internationalization: Like other framework, JSF also manages internationalization issues such as character encodings and the selection of resource bundles.
  7. Alternative Renderers: By default, JSF generates markup for HTML pages because the HTML page is rendered. All the JSF tag or text (that is not a JSF tag) is simply passed through render. This technology support mobile clients by develop a web based application on cell phone.
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