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Java Servlet Programing Laungage

Java Servlet Projects

Servlet Project 3

How to run the Servlet program
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To Run a Servlet follow the below steps :

  1. Install the Server - Install the Weblogic Server in a directory in which you want to install and set the classpath for the variable JAVA_HOME in the Environment Variable.
  2. Set the classpath of the weblogic.jar file in the variable CLASSPATH inside the Environment Variable. Variable Name: CLASSPATH Variable Value: C:\bea\weblogic81\server\lib\weblogic.jar
  3. Create a our Servlet Class file and a web.xml file in a directory structure.
  4. Compile the Servlet Class, put the compiled file (.class file) in the classes folder of our application and deploy the directory of your application
  5. Start the Weblogic server.
  6. \Send URL - http://localhost:7001/console/servlet-name/servlet-urlpattern from browser at Client.
  7. If everything is fine, Servlet will run at Server and send response to Client. Then we can see the response sent by the Servlet at Client.
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