An Introduction to Struts2.0 Framework
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Apache Struts 2 is a brand-new web application framework. As we said earlier, Struts 2 isn’t just a new release of the older Struts 1 framework. It is a completely new framework, based on the esteemed OpenSymphony Web Work framework. Struts 2 is a second-generation web application framework that implements the Model-View-Controller (MVC) design pattern. Struts 2 is built from the ground up on best practices and proven, community-accepted design patterns. This was also true for the first version of Struts.

 In this tutorial you will learn about struts2.0 from starting to end. This tutorials covers all struts2.0 stubs from beginning to end .We proceed step by step so that you can take more advantage .

We explain here 
  • How to create struts2.0 web application
  • How you can add web application and struts2.0 application. 
  • We cover all topics with appropriate examples .
  • We cover here up to tiles.
  • We cover here how to make test case? 
  • How you can use ant with struts2.0 ? 
  • We also cover history of struts2.0
  • Advantage
  • Limitations
  • Disadvantage 
  • Why we need Struts2.0 Frameworks
  • Where we use Struts2.0 Frameworks
  • Model-View-Controller (MVC) Design Pattern
  • Types Model-View-Controller ('MVC') Design Pattern 
  • Struts2.0 and Model-View-Controller (MVC) Design Pattern
  • Struts2.0 Model
  • Struts2.0 View
  • Struts2.0 Controller
  • Getting Started a Struts2
  • Pre-requirement for struts2
  • Downloading and configuring Struts2
  • Welcome Program using Struts2
  • Directory structure of struts2
  • Struts2.0 framework Configuration File
  • Concept of ValueStack
  • Login application Example in Struts2
  • Concept of Struts2.0 Interceptor
  • Struts2.0 Interceptor Interface
  • Struts2.0 Result Interface
  • Struts2.0 Model Driven Interceptor
  • Struts2.0 Work Flow Interceptor
  • Validatable & ValidationAware interface
  • ActionSupport Class in Struts2
  • Internationalization in Struts2
  • SubFramework Validation in Struts2
  • ExecuteAndWait Interceptor in struts2
  • Tiles Concept of Struts2
  • Database Connection with Struts 2 etc....
 We try to cover all topics with examples here.But you can see our next “struts2.0 example” for more practice.  

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