Where we use Struts2.0 Frameworks
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Jakarta Struts is incredibly useful in helping you to create excellent Web applications because Struts uses a specific paradigm, or design pattern, to structure any application and the design pattern is called Model-View-Controller (MVC). So, struts framework is widely used and widely adapted.

 Since Struts framework has widely adapted so used in most of projects like:-
  • Telecom domain applications.
  • Finance/banking domain applications.
  • e Learning and e Shopping applications.
  •  Defiance application.
  • Web based enterprise applications.
  • School Information
  • Library information
  • Online Education
  • Online Advertisement of our product
We can also use Struts where we need to implements a centralized controller and application has MVC design pattern. We can use Struts where we need becaues
  • High Reliability.
  • Easier Maintainability.
  • High Reuse and adaptability.
  • Very Low Development Cost.
  • Rapid Development.
  • Easier Development

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