Getting Started a Struts2.0 Frameworks application
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This chapter is a tutorial that covers getting started with Struts2 just the basics, nothing more, nothing less. This tutorial assumes knowledge of Java, JDBC, Servlets,J2EE (with regards to Web applications) and JSP. Although you can follow along if you are not an expert in all of the above, some knowledge of each is assumed.

This is stating point of struts2 .
  • In next topics we will learn working about struts2 frameworks .
  • We covers Pre-Requirement for struts2 applications? 
  • Where you can download? 
  • We make an example. 
  • How you can configure? 
  • How you can works on view? 
  • How you can make and configure struts.xml, Action and FilterDispatcher 
  • Where you can store data? 
  • How you can make response view. Before starting struts2 we assume that you have good knowledge of Core Java, JDBC, JSP/Servlet,J2EE (with regards to Web applications) and tomcat Server or any other Application Server. We also covers configuration with different version of eclipse. We will cover more examples into our next tutorial. "Struts2 Basic Example" You will learn more examples here.

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