Pre-requirement for struts2.0 Framework applications
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Before starting Struts3 Frameworks we need some pre requirement .We require some basic knowledge of 
  • J2SE, 
  • JDBC, 
  • HTML, 
  • CSS, 
  • JavaScript, 
  • JSP/Servlet,
  •  J2EE 
  • TomCat or any Application Server( or similar type of server).

Pre-requirement Knowledge:-
  • Core Java 
  • JDBC
  • Collections 
  • JSP
  • Servelet 
  • J2EE (with regards to Web applications)
  • Tomcat Server or any Application Server
  • HTML/CSS/JavaScript/XML
Hardware:-Struts2 does not required any special Hardware.

Java Development Kits:- JDK1.5: You can download Java Development Kits from

Struts Frameworks (Jars):- You can download Apache Struts2

Servers Tomcat:-You can download Apache Tomcate

Server GlassFish Server:-You can download open source GlassFish Server

IDEs:-Today all companies are using following IDEs for create, run and debugs a Struts2 application. You can use notepad or any other IDEs .But we suggest use one of following two--
  • Eclipse You can download eclipse
  • NetBean You can download NetBean IDE from
 Operating System Environments:-Struts application can make run and debug on Window/Linux

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