RSS Examples

RSS Examples

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RSS Interview Questions And Answers

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 We use RSS Reader to read RSS Feeds.Their are many RSS Reader are available for different devices and Operating System.

Their are many RSS Reader are available.
NewsGator Online

 We use automated RSS when we don't want to update our RSS feed ourself. There are many tools and services are available that are used to create automated RSS.Some tools are:

MyRSSCreator: This tool offers an automated, reliable RSS service in just 10 minutes.
FeedFire: This tools offers a free creation and distribution of RSS feeds.

some services are:

Suppose that you made an RSS document and not publish them.
Than their is no mean of this RSS document because other people can't reach that document. So, you have to publish RSS document to make this document reachable by other people.I have given you some steps that explain you how to upload an RSS document.

Step1: Your RSS file should have .xml extension.
Step2: You should validate your RSS file using an validator.
Step3: Now, you upload an RSS file into your web directory on your web server.
Step4: Than you have to copy the orange color RSS or XML button into your web directory.

Step5: Than now put an RSS button into your Home page.Thanlink that button to the RSS file.Write i have given you code to perform that task
<a href="">
< img src="" width="45" height="22">

Step6: Now, submit your RSS feed to the RSS feed directry.Url that you use not define your home page it is used to define your RSS feed.Example:""

Step7: Than you register your RSS feed with search engines.I have given you name of some major search engines.Like: yahoo,Google,MSN.

Step8:Now, at last update content of your RSS feed. Because you have registered your RSS feed with search engines Like: Google,Yahoo and MSN etc.

 We use also <pubdate>, <source> and <title> elements with in <item> child element.
Where as

<pubDate> element is used to define the last publication date of an item.
<source> element is used to define the third-party source of an item.
<title> element is used to define the title of an item.

In above elements <pubDate> and <source> are optional where as <title> is compulsory when we define RSS document.

Using <enclosure> element we can include an media file with an item.

To define <enclosure> element in RSS you have required to define thes three elements.
url: This is use to define URL of media file.
length: Using this we define the lenth of media file in bytes.
type: This is use to define the type of media file.

Example: This show you how to use <enclosure> element in RSS.
<enclosure url="" length="4500" type="audio/mp3" />

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