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Silverlight tutorials

Silverlight Services basic tutorials

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Silverlight Interview Questions And Answers

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Silverlight installs on localized versions of Macintosh computers and Windows. At this time, the installation is available in an international English format. Final releases will render international text (using double-byte characters) and support the full 64K Unicode character set. Silverlight uses simple input mechanism that treats all the languages in the same way.

Yes, you can have multiple .xaml files in a single project.

In the App.xaml, in the method Application_Startup you can choose, which page you want to initially display.

Silverlight Tool kit is nothing but is a collection of Silverlight Tools, Components etc. It includes source code describing the all you need to develop an application.

the main component of Silverlight application.

a)Input:  It handles input from devices like keyboard, mouse etc.

b)UI core: It manages rendering of bitmap images, vector graphics, text and animations.

c)Media: It handles the playback of MP3, WMA Standard, WMV7, WMV8 streams.

d)XAML: This manages UI layout to be created by XAML markup language

A Storyboard in the Silverlight is a container where we can put animation objects. We need to make the Storyboard a resource that is available to the objects that we want to animate.

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Silverlight Objective Questions And Answers

Silverlight Objective Questions And Answers

Silverlight Interview Questions And Answers

Silverlight Subjective Questions And Answers

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