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VBScript Interview Questions And Answers

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It is an Scripting language provided by Microsoft.We can say tat it is an lightweight edition of the Visual Basic(It is an Microsoft,s programming language).
It's functionality is dependent upon either ASP engine or windows scripting host.VBScript is only supported by internet explorer.

We use scripting language like VBScript and JavaScript as the extension of HTML language.Only internet explorer read the VBScript and its has a work to read Script with whole content of an web page and to excute them. 
These are use as an client side scripting language. 

Variant are the single datatype(Kind of data that we store in variable.Datatype may be a character data,string data,number data, boolean data and byte data.) that we used in VBScript.

Using ReDim statement we can change the size of an array in VBScript.I have given you example how to use ReDim.

Suppose you declare an array Dim Clients(50) Now if you want to change the size of client than you can perform this task with the help of ReDim Like that:
ReDim Customers(70)

VBScript is much differ from Visual Basic.I have given you some important difference b/w them.

  1. Both VBScript and VBScript are compiled in different way.
  2. Internet explorer support VBScript on your PC and also we can create web pages using VBScript.

Where in case to run Visual Basic you need some like text editor,ActiveX,Control Pad and Web Browser.

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VBScript Objective Questions And Answers

VBScript Objective Questions And Answers

VBScript Interview Questions And Answers

VBScript Interview Questions And Answers

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