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  • Interoperability: Most important benefit of Web services, its work outside of private networks and offering developers to find their solutions in appropriate way. Its provide Interoperability between many software's running ion different platform. Web Services are filely platform-independent
  • Reusability: Web services use open standards and protocols. Deployment of services possible easily because they are not a component-based model of application for development. This makes it easy to reuse Web Service components as appropriate in other services.
  • Deploy ability: Web services deploy over the Web and any user use this without any independent and mapping problems.
  • Usability: Web services allow the reuse of services and components within an infrastructure Web Services allow the business logic of different platform and exposed it over the Internet. This thigh provide the facility to use web services any where for different platform.


  • Web services suffered poor performance in comparison other distributed application RMI, CORBA, or DCOM.
  • XML explicitly does not count among its design goals either conciseness of encoding or efficiency of parsing.
  • Transaction in Web Services is not infancy like other distributed standards like CORBA. The web service transaction is non-existent.
  • When client make a request to the server. When the server response at that time if power gone and client end crash, in this condition server never known that client not activated.
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