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SOAP IN Web services

SOAP Tutorial

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Webservice Interview Questions And Answers

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Web service is like software that makes it available over the Internet. Web Services using the standardized XML messaging system. The Client invoke a message to use a Web Service and send a request to the server In XML formate and server response to the client in XML file formate. Web services are Platform independent and it accessed by any application developed in any Language. 

SOAP stands for Simple Object Access Protocol and it is a protocol which exchange information between computer. Total transaction is the XML based and it is Platform independent. We can say that it is a variety of messaging to system and communicate via transport protocol.

WSDL stands for Web Services Description Language and its represent a layer within a web service protocol stack. WSDL containing the Data types for all XML messages and it provide information about all XML messages. WSDL provide the address information of the locating services.

Web service is like a component which share the the information over internet and make easy to develop  application as your required services. ASP .net provide the facility to make a web method means which functioning you applied in your service. The client when accessing service the request of client in XMl formate and the inputed value passed as a parameter for that Web Method, the server response also in XML formate. One thing is necessary that services already running over the Internet. 

UDDI (Universal Description, Discovery and Integration) is a directory for storing information about web services to  discovering, publishing and finding businesses and integrating business services by using the Internet. It is platform-independent framework for describing services. UDDI communicates via SOAP, CORBA and Java RMI Protocol. UDDI web service interfaces described by WSDL. UDDI is built into the Microsoft .NET platform. UDDI is an open industry initiative enabling businesses to discover each other and define how they interact over the Internet.

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Webservice Objective Questions And Answers

Webservice Objective Questions And Answers

Webservice Interview Questions And Answers

Webservice Interview Questions And Answers

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