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Container And Collection of UDDI
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Universal Description, Discovery and Integration is designed to so that interrogation can be done through  SOAP messages. The two functions of UDDI are first is that the SOAP-based protocol defines how UDDI clients communicate with registries and second is that UDDI is used to publish information of services. The service implementation document contains the service elements.

Container of UDDI

Business Entity: An entity is an existing or real thing or one can say real world objects. Business entity is the container of uddi which provide web services. It also represent business organization information.


Business Entity has some fields to describe are as follows.

businessKey: It is an attribute and specifies UDDI_id.

name: name specifies the human-readable names that are the records for the business entity.

businessServices: This is an optional element to use.

operator: Here it is an attribute.

Collection of UDDI

Business Service: Business Service is a collection. Business Service has a unique businessKey. The businessKey are used as an identification on web services.


Just like Business Entity has fields. Similarly, Business Service also have fields. These are:

serviceKey: Business Services uses serviceKey for identification. The serviceKey are specified by UDDI_id.

bindingTemplate: Contains information related to business services.

name: name field is describe in a same way as they describe in Business Entity.

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