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WPF Interview Questions And Answers

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A freezable object is one that has a mechanism that allows you to "Freeze" it. This locks downs all the state and makes the object immutable. This makes the object more performant to use and safer to share between threads.

Path animation in which the object moves along the path specified by the Path geometry. As the animation progresses, it reads the X-axis, Y-axis and angle information from the path geometry and generates the output. These are useful when an object has to be animated along a complex path. 

This is the root namespace of several other media related namespaces. It provides different types to work with animations like 3D rendering, text rendering and other multimedia services.

The core WPF assemblies are,

WindowsBase.dll:- This is the core types constituting the infrastructure of WPF API.

PresentationCore.dll:- It defines numerous types constituting foundation of WPF GUI layer.

PresentationFoundation.dll:- It defines WPF control types, animation & multimedia support, data binding suport and other WPF services.

Besides these three libraries WPF also uses an unmanaged binary called milcore.dll which acts as a bridge between WPF assemblies and DirectX runtime layer.

To define a button in WPF using XAML, Syntax is given below-

<Button Name="btnName">btnCaption</Button>


<Button Name="btnClick">Click Me</Button>

Here the <Button> element specifies the use of the Button class.

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WPF Objective Questions And Answers

WPF Objective Questions And Answers

WPF Interview Questions And Answers

WPF Subjective Questions And Answers

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