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XFORMS Interview Questions And Answers

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We can define XForms as the new generation of HTML forms.

In an XForms we use XML to create input forms on the Web.

Some other points about XForms are given below:

1. Using XForms we can generate forms that are   much richer and flexible than HTML forms.

2. XForms will act as form standard in XHTML2.0.

3. XForms is plateform independent and it is also device independent.

4. Use XForms to seperate logic and device from presentation.

5. Using XForms we can define data of form.

6. We can use XForms to stores and transport data into an XML document.

7. XForms also have some features like using XForms we can perform calculation and also to validate our forms.

8. XForms also help us to reduce or eleminate need of scripting. 

9. XForms also a W3C Recommendation.

With using HTML forms web application are become able to accept input from user.We can say that HTML forms is a part of HTML standard.Now,web user try to solve complex transactions but HTML standard does achieve that task.

We can achieve that task using XForms.Because using XForms handle a richer,more secure and device independent web input.

XForms are supported by all future browsers.


Using XForms we can perform both task to define data and to display data.To define data XForms uses XML and to display data XForms uses HTML or XHTML.

Using XForms we can separate data logic of a form from its presentation.

We can perform task of store and transport data using XForms. Using XForms we can store data or to submit data from the form. We use XML to transfer data over the net.Keep in mind XForms Store and Transform data in the form of Unicode bytes.


We can say that XForms is device independent because it is used to separate data from presentation and we can use data models for all devices. Using XForms we can customize presentation for different user interface.Like mobile phones, handheld devices etc.

Using device independent features of XForms we can add XForms element into othe XML application directly.i.e.WML(Wireless Markup Language),VoiceXML(Use to speak web data).

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XFORMS Objective Questions And Answers

XFORMS Objective Questions And Answers

XFORMS Interview Questions And Answers

XFORMS Interview Questions And Answers

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