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XML Interview Questions And Answers

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XML Namespaces provide a method to avoid element name conflicts.XML namespace is a collection of element type and attribute names.A reasonable argument can be made that XML namespaces dont actually exist as physical or conceptual entities. 

No. XML itself does not replace HTML. Instead, it provides an alternative which allows you to define your own set of markup elements. HTML is expected to remain in common use for some time to come, and the current version of HTML is in XML syntax. XML is designed to make the writing of DTDs much simpler than with full SGML.

Using XMLHttpRequest Object:

1. Updated a web page without reloading.

2. Requesting for data from a server after the page has loaded.

3. Receive data from a server after the page has loaded.

4. Send data to a server in the background. 

XMLHttpRequest Object creating like:

xmlhttp=new XMLHttpRequest();

Some of the problems with using attributes are:

1. Attributes cannot contain multiple values 

2. Attributes cannot contain tree structures 

3. Attributes are not easily expandable

Attributes are difficult to read and maintain. Use elements for data. Use attributes for information that is not relevant to the data.


There are no rules about when to use attributes or when to use elements.

For Example:

1. <person sex="female">




2. <person>





In the first example sex is an attribute. In the last, sex is an element. Both examples provide the same information.

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XML Interview Questions And Answers

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