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JDBC Project 1

Class of the JDBC
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java.sql.Date: The java.sql.Date class is subclass of java.util.Date, which is used for SQL DATE data type.

java.lang.DriverManager: The java.lang.DriverManager is used to manage a set of JDBC drivers.

java.sql.DriverPropertyInfo: This class used for supply properties to connection.

java.sql.Time: It is subclass of java.util.Date, which is provide the SQL TIME data type.

java.sql.TimeStamp: It is used for SQL TIMESTAMP data type.

java.sql.Types: It class used for identifying the standard SQL data types, such as DECIMAL, CHAR, DOUBLE, INTEGER, DISTINCT, LONGVARCHAR, TIME.

java.sql.String: It is used to identify the text data types such as CHAR.

Exception Class of the JDBC

java.sql.SQLException: It is provides the exception information.

java.sql.SQLWarning: It is provides the information about database warning.

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