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JDBC Project 1

Interfaces of JDBC
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java.sql.Connection: It is contain the connection object which is used to execute the SQL statements

java.sql.DatabaseMetaData: It is used to access the information from the database.

java.sql.Driver: The java.sql.Driver interface used to find and use the JDBC driver for a database.

java.sql.PreparedStatement: It is used to execute the precompiled statements.

java.sql.ResultSet: The java.sql.ResultSet interface is used to process the results after execution of an SQL Query.

java.sql.ResultSetMetaData: It is provide the details about ResultSet such as no of columns.

java.sql.Statement: It is used to create the SQL Statement which is to be executed at database and send the static SQL query to the database for execution.

javax.sql.ConnectionEventListener: It is used to receive the events that a PooledConnection object generate.

javax.sql.ConnectionPoolDataSource: It is a factory for the PooledConnection objects.

javax.sql.DataSource: It works as the factory for Connection objects. It is registered with the JNDI and when application request for a connection is looked up in the JNDI and fetch a connection from the pool.

javax.sql.PooledConnection: The object of javax.sql.PooledConnection represents a physical connection to the database

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