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JDBC Projects

JDBC Project 1

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In java JDBC API is found in java.sql and javax.sql packages. There are some class and interface given bellow, which support into connectivity between interface and databases:

Driver Manager: It is manage all Drivers of JDBC environment and load the driver for connectivity.

Connection: It class create the object that represent Connection which is help in creating Prepared Statement and Callable Statement classes.

Statement: This object is used to execute query of database and store the value into Resultset object.

Prepared Statement: It is a precompiled SQL statement which performance is high than statement class.

Callable Statement: This type of the statement support like RDBMS stored procedure by help of this object we can execute the store database of any application.

ResultSet: Resultset object is used to store the result which is access from database using Statement, Prepared Statement and callable statement.

SQLException: Exception class is show the error or warning during the retrieve of database or at a time of connectivity

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