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There are many drivers of the Jdbc, which are listed belowó


The JDBC-ODBC Bridge is also known as JDBC-ODBC driver .it has a special driver which is written in the C language. ODBC driver is a set of the C library .this driver catch the JDBC calls of connectivity and translate into ODBC cells and connect to the ODBC driver manager.

Feature of JDBC-ODBC Bridge

  1. It converts the JDBC call into ODBC query, which returns the data.
  2. JDBC-ODBC is a set of the C Library.
  3. The connection occurs as follows -- Client -> JDBC Driver -> ODBC Driver -> Database.
Native API Driver

This type of the driver is used to implement the JDBC API call into the vender specific functionality.

Feature of Native API Driver

  1. For Native API driver need to installed library at client site.
  2. Native API driver is access database directly.
JDBC Network protocol driver

This type of the driver is used to receive the JDBC API call and translate into the DBMS independent protocol and sent it to the middle tier server by help of the socket connection. After this the server contacts the database behalf the client.

Feature of JDBC-net

  1. JDBC-net driver has three-tier architecture.
  2. by this driver we can interact with different environment databases.
  3. The JDBC-net driver written in java, which communicates with a middleware-net-server using a DBMS independent protocol.
  4. The connection occurs as follows--Client -> JDBC Driver -> Middleware-Net Server -> Any Database.
Native protocol Driver

In this type of the driver the client side code is written in the java. The driver is communicating directly with the database by help of the socket connection. the communication protocol is defined by the DBMS vender. JDBC API can also connect with multiple applications with same database or same application with multiple Databases which can be resides in different computer.

Feature of Native protocol driver

  1. It is written entirely in java.
  2. It is connect directly with database through socket connection.
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