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WML Interview Questions And Answers

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  WAP is stands for Wireless Application Protocol. Using WAP protocol we display internet contents on wireless users.example: mobile phone, i-pod etc.

Some basic information about WAP are given below:

1.WAP is used as an application communication protocol.
2.Using WAP we can access services and information
3.We can inherited WAP from Internet standards.
4.WAP is designed for handheld devices Like: mobile phones, i-pod etc.
5.Using WAP we can made micro browsers.
6.WAP support the WML(Wireless Markup Language) language to create applications.

We use WAP Micro Browsers for small handhold wireless devices,Like: mobile phone.It is a small software than it can work with small hardware CPU and memory.

 Using Micro Browsers we can read the WMLScript which is reduced version of JavaScript.

WML is a reduced name of Wireless Markup Language. Using WML we can write the application that work on WAP. 

Web Pages that we create using WML are called as 'Decks' here Decks are the set of Cards.We can say that WML is based on XML but it has also inherited some art of HTML

 Using WMLScript we can run small code on WAP browsers used in small wireless devices.We can say that WML Script is a small code JavaScript language.It is use to store the reference of script Url.

Before run WML Script in to the WAP browsers, we should compiled WML Script into byte code on server. 

 I have given some basic example of WAP. These are given Below:

1.Using WAP we can get information of train time-table.
2.Using WAP can purchase tickets.Like: movie,journey ticket etc.
3.Using WAP we perform task like that Flight check in
4.We can also viewing traffic information.
5.We can get information about current weather condition.
6.Using WAP we can do also trading of shares.
7.We can also display sport results on our small wireless devices.

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WML Objective Questions And Answers

WML Objective Questions And Answers

WML Interview Questions And Answers

WML Interview Questions And Answers

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